Are you ready to travel through time? Close your eyes. Come with us to 1910. We will be received by Mr Manuel Velázquez Cabrera. Do you know who he is? We owe him the Del Carmen saltworks as we know them today. He arranged for their preservation and renovation so that we could show them to the world today from Fuerteventura. Before he had them extended, they were virtually abandoned, with rather antiquated infrastructures (they date back to the late 18th century). Now that you know who he is, don’t you think he is the best possible host to help us discover the saltworks?

Are you ready to walk round our museum? First, you will find Mr Velázquez’s house. In each room you will discover bits of the history of our saltworks. Let us tell you a little secret. Until Mr Manuel took charge of them, they were not called the Del Carmen saltworks. They were known as the La Hondurilla or La Torre saltworks. He decided to name them after his wife –and incidentally after the patron saint of sailors. It was very appropriate, because without the force of our sea, without the power of its foam, we would not have these saltworks. While at other installations the water is pumped or channeled, at the Del Carmen saltworks the force of the wind against the waves creates sea foam, where more salt is concentrated. That’s what makes them so unique. Our salt is of the highest quality and rich in trace elements. Would you like to taste it? At our museum you can.


But we don’t want to tell you everything in this post. We want you to come and visit us, so that you can enjoy the world of the saltworks right here on our island. Besides, we have saved the best for last. We want you to be a salt worker for one day! It’s an experience you will not forget. At our museum, you have the chance to touch the salt with your own hands, learn how to use the salt workers’ tools and get to know the whole process from the moment the salt arrives to our coast with the strength of the sea. You surely don’t want to miss it! If you haven’t decided where to go on your next holidays, here is a plan you can’t say no to. We are looking forward to seeing you here, salt worker!

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