Traditional Sea Salt “Salinas del Carmen”

Salt: essential for life

Life arose on the seabed, in that primordial soup in which salt was an essential part to achieve the perfect balance of minerals and amino acids that regulates all living beings. Salt, in addition to being essential in the origin of life, has also influenced the Human Culture. The consumption of salt soon became essential to maintain the balance of our organism and, immediately, the human being created architectures to control its extraction; he used it as a bargaining coin; and it has served till now to give an identity to our gastronomy.


Fuerteventura Sea Salt

It is crucial for our health that the salt we consume daily is a high quality product. The ideal salt composition should be low in sodium, as the sea salts; and rich in trace elements and minerals, which is achieved with a respectful and careful extraction system. The Traditional Sea Salt of Fuerteventura, in addition to being low in sodium, is very rich in trace elements and minerals. At the Salinas del Carmen we have decided to continue with the traditional extraction system, which favors the conservation of all the natural qualities of sea salt, resulting in what is most likely the salt with the most magnesium, sulfates and potassium in the world.


How do we obtain such a good quality salt?

The quality of the salt that we obtain in the Salinas del Carmen is due to several factors: the quality and purity of the water that bathes the island, the unrepeatable characteristics of the old structures of the antique salt flats and the traditional Canarian extraction system. Our commitment to environmental sustainability and the conservation and enhancement of the Majorero heritage, lead us to develop a respectful and sustainable extraction, which contributes to the end product not losing its qualities.


Foam salt

The island of Fuerteventura is a Biosphere Reserve, which guarantees environmental controls that contribute to maintaining the purity of marine water. The quality of the water allows the existence of natural elements that contribute to enrich our salt in a natural way. The Salinas del Carmen have a very peculiar water catchment system, which has worked for centuries: the Saltadero. Thanks to this system, the water enters the circuit of the salt flats only by the force of the tides: the waves break in the overflow and the sea foam falls inside. It is precisely in the sea foam where we find a higher proportion of trace elements in seawater. And this, obviously, is maintained in the collected sal.


Historic salt flats

The Salinas del Carmen were built more than 100 years ago. During the salt concentration process, the water obtains trace elements and amino acids from the ancient mud bottoms of the ponds, the result of the great microbiological diversity of the saline, and they give the salt such a rich composition. In the Salinas del Carmen we take care of each of the steps that the brine goes through to ensure that the salt reaches the perfect balance of sodium chloride and trace elements.


Artisanal collection of the salineros

The salineros collect the sea salt with their own hands, with the same daily batting system of the ponds that they used to centuries ago in the Canarian salt flats. This prevents the growth and densification of the salt, and a smaller grain size is achieved that facilitates a greater incorporation of trace elements. Salineros control the ideal concentration and drying times so that all the properties of the salt are maintained. The Majorero sun and the Canarian winds give us a white salt with the ideal humidity point and a perfect and harmonious balance in its rich composition.


Double environmentally friendly packaging

In addition to sea salt, in our salt pans we also collect fleur de sel and flake salt which, with great care, we pack with a completely traditional and sustainable process. Without any machinery, we select the best salt to make available to our visitors at the Museo de las Salinas del Carmen and anyone who purchases our products. In addition, we prioritize packaging made of natural materials and with reusable formats, so that the product reaches its destination intact and so that the environmental impact is as low as possible. Our different types of salt and formats will make a Premium product available to anyone that will delight everyone who savors it.


Las Salinas del Carmen collect the best of Fuerteventura

The Traditional Sea Salt of the Salinas del Carmen is rich in trace elements (magnesium, sulfates, potassium, lithium …), low in sodium chloride, fixed grain, light and crisp crystals, clean and soft on the palate. It confers a respectful and pleasant spectacle of sensations on the palate. The purity of the waters of the Fuerteventura Biosphere Reserve, the sun of the Canary Islands, the Majorero wind and the Canarian salt tradition result in the Traditional Sea Salt of the Salinas del Carmen, possibly the best sea salt in the world.

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