The museum

Our host

What better host than Mr Manuel Velázquez Cabrera? He welcomes us into his home and invites us to immerse ourselves in the history of the Del Carmen Saltworks. We owe him the extension and improvement of the saltworks as we know them today. It was in 1910 that Mr Manuel Velázquez Cabrera began with the works of the then called La Hondurilla or La Torre saltworks, to exploit them and achieve maximum yield.

Before he arrived, the saltworks were virtually abandoned. Their infrastructures were antiquated, as these saltworks date back to the late 1700s, when there was a struggle between the feudal lord and the supposed owner of this land to carry out the works and start exploiting them.

Come with us to 1910

The new museum will take us back to the point at which the Del Carmen Saltworks achieved their greatest splendor. We will visit the home of Mr Manuel Velázquez Cabrera, who was the owner of these installations in 1910. In his study, he will show us the history of the saltworks in the Canary Islands in general and of these saltworks in particular. We will learn how salt is obtained and the special characteristics of the Del Carmen Blow Hole. We will go through the warehouse to see the salt workers’ tools and, in the bedroom, we will see some old pictures that will help us understand how the daily lives of salt workers were.

And the best is saved for last: an animated film that will immerse you in the history of the saltworks. Just amazing! This journey into the past offers an interactive experience thanks to the use of manipulative materials and new technologies, combined with the early 1900s atmosphere.