Rent spaces

Proasur Cultural Management

More than 30 years’ experience, over 1,500 projects, over 500 clients… Those are just figures. Today, our innovation, experience, commitment and great team enable us to say: “Anything you can imagine, we make it possible”.

The trust of important clients has reinforced us as a leading company, nationally and internationally, in the field of cultural management, design and production of museums, exhibitions and interpretation centers; and, in general, in every area related to leisure time and culture.

Unique places for all types of events

The modernization of the furniture and fittings we currently manage in Fuerteventura enables us to include spaces where all types of events can be held.
Different, magic places, perfect for any celebrations, events or business meetings. Fitted with everything you need and with the option of hiring any services you may require (transportation, catering, hosts/hostesses…).

Del Carmen Saltworks Museum

This museum is located on the East coast of the island, less than 2 km south of Fuste Castle – Cove. The Del Carmen Saltworks Museum is one of the most emblematic spots on the island: with the impressive sea in the background, the peculiar silhouettes of the salt intake ponds, the blow hole and its channels. The area has large even spaces where massively attended events can be held.

The restaurant has large indoor premises, decorated in the early 1900s style, as well as a great team of chefs. The outside tables under a large wooden pergola enable customers to enjoy the marvelous sea view.

Á la carte spaces

Proasur also manages on the island the Majorero Cheese Museum and the “Los Molinos” Interpretation Center.

At the Majorero Cheese Museum you will find the true essence of Fuerteventura. From its volcanic origins to the secrets of its cheese. The diversity of spaces integrated within this museum makes it perfect for any type of event and format.

For smaller events, the “Los Molinos” Interpretation Center at Tiscamanita offers an exclusive environment. Its traditional construction and its fabulous patio with the typical Fuerteventura design offer a unique environment, located under the sails of an incredible hundred-year-old windmill.

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