The experience

Del Carmen Saltworks Museum

The formerly called Salt Museum was completely refurbished in May of 2018. The new look of the museum enables visitors to travel in time, to the golden age of the Del Carmen saltworks. That is why it has been renamed Del Carmen Saltworks Museum, to honor these installations.

As soon as you walk into the exhibition, you find yourself in 1910. Mr Manuel Velázquez Cabrera, who was then the owner of these saltworks, welcomes us to his home. He receives us in his study, where he shows us the history of the formerly called La Hondurilla or La Torre saltworks. In his study we will learn how saltworks work and about the particular extraction methods used in the Canary Islands. He will even tell us about the most private aspects of the daily lives of salt workers in one of the rooms.



Walk round our Saltworks

The Canary Islands coast has natural salt marshes, which the first settlers learned to take advantage of, to make salt. Gradually, more complicated infrastructures were built, as is the case of the museum saltworks, formerly called La Hondurilla or La Torre saltworks.

In 1910, Mr Manuel Velázquez Cabrera renovated the Saltworks as they are today, in order to achieve maximum yield. He was the one who changed the name of the Saltworks, calling them after the patron saint of sailors –and also after his wife–, thus becoming the Del Carmen Saltworks.

A flavorful spot

Our journey to 1910 continues at the restaurant of the Museum. Its atmosphere of the early 1900s, together with its delicious dishes, seasoned with our sea foam salt, and products that have just been collected from the coast of Fuerteventura, will delight all our senses, taking us back to the golden age of the Del Carmen Saltworks.

From Fuerteventura to your kitchen

If you wish to recall this experience at home, you can always take a bit of our saltworks with you, thanks to the efforts of our salt workers. The sea foam salt they produce using traditional methods is packed and sold at our shop, where you can choose among different types of salt, in addition to other souvenirs related to our saltworks, the sea and Fuerteventura.