The best Canary Salt: Salinas del Carmen de Fuerteventura

We are to be congratulate! The flower of salt from the Salinas del Carmen has been awarded as the best production of the III Agrocanarias 2020 Official Sea Salt Contest. We have received the gold medal in two categories:

  • Best Agrocanarias Sea Salt
  • Best Sea Salt of the Canary Islands

The contest is organized by the Canarian Institute of Agrifood Quality (ICCA), which belongs to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the Canary Government. The jury, made up of a committee of 10 technicians, members of the catering and hospitality industry of the Canary Islands, was the one who scored the different samples from various Canarian salt flats.

Our salt has also received the silver medal in the category of “Virgin Marine Salt”, behind the Salinas de Bocacangrejo, in Gran Canaria, to whom we send our congratulations.

This recognition gives us a push to continue in the direction we have decided to take: respect the natural cycles of the salt flats, take advantage of the force of nature and use traditional Canarian techniques to achieve a sustainable product, of limited production and with unbeatable properties.

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