Welcome to our blog! Are you ready to discover the power of the sea that surrounds our island? We want to introduce you to all the secrets of the saltworks world, to show you our Del Carmen saltworks –did you know they are the only ones still in operation in Fuerteventura?–, to give you the details of the process from the moment the salt is extracted from the sea until it reaches the dishes you will be able to taste… and so much more. Are you ready for the saltworks experience? But before you join us in the journey through the spice of life, let us open this channel for you. We invite you to ask any questions you want about one of our top ingredients, about our island, our culture, our people… and why not, to share your comments. Can you give us a recipe where the salt of Fuerteventura is a key ingredient? In this post, you are the star. We would like to welcome you and thank you for choosing us. And now we just have to get to know each other and start our adventure… Are you up for it?

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