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Salt from Fuerteventura Salinas del Carmen: Traditional Sea Salt

The salt of Fuerteventura Salinas del Carmen is an exclusive gourmet salt of natural origin that comes in a variety of sizes, but always small-grained and bright white.

From the quality and purity of the water from the coast of Salinas del Carmen in Fuerteventura, one of the lowest salts in sodium chloride on the market is extracted, rich in trace elements (magnesium, zinc and calcium), much healthier and tastier than processed table salt.

Its traditional extraction system is based entirely on artisanal principles that do not involve machines.

Natural origin

The Island of Fuerteventura was declared a Biosphere Reserve in 2009 by UNESCO.

The Salinas del Carmen, located on the Costa de Antigua, are a Site of Cultural Interest and are the only salt flats that remain in operation on the island.

In addition, it is an area of ​​great environmental value of special protection for birds (ZEPA) and is part of the “path of the cetaceans of Fuerteventura”.

An environment from which a unique product is extracted on the market.

Artisanal extraction

Unlike other traditional salt flats, in the Carmen salt flats the capture of sea water is done in a unique and unusual way. The wind pushes the waves against the rocks and due to the impact a foam is formed that “jumps” into a kind of natural pool, the saltadero. In the foam that is formed by the hit water, it is where more and better quality salt is concentrated and it is the one we use in the Salinas del Carmen.

The water is led to the cookers by the action of gravity. The process is completely natural, only the force of the sea, the wind and gravity are necessary.

The sun and the good work of the salineros do the rest to achieve a unique product. Upon reaching the appropriate temperature, the salinero channels the water towards the pits. In this place, due to the effect of the sun, it evaporates slowly and the salt is deposited at the bottom.

The salinero, with his know-how and a lot of patience, extracts the salt crust with great care, and lets it drain at the edge of the pits. When the sun cleans and dries the salt, it is transferred to the warehouse.

The same traditional process has been repeated without modifications for countless years to obtain this extraordinary product.

Taste of salt, taste of the sea

The Traditional Sea Salt of Fuerteventura has a mild salty taste without bitterness that does not leave a trace of dryness on the palate, since it does not contain additives.

It is an unrefined salt that, in addition to being very low in sodium, is rich in trace elements and minerals. Its particular traditional extraction system favors the conservation of all the natural qualities of sea salt, resulting in a salt with more magnesium, zinc and calcium.

Culinary uses

Traditionally used to salt the Majorero cheese, the salt from the Salinas del Carmen is a salt of extreme delicacy and an exquisite natural flavor, which gives it a prominent place in the most demanding and natural cuisine.

A unique and delicious gourmet gastronomic experience.

An exclusive limited production

No type of machine is involved in the extraction of Salt from Fuerteventura Salinas del Carmen. The salt is collected and packed by hand following traditional methods.

This means that the Salt of Fuerteventura Salinas del Carmen has a limited production, making it a unique, exclusive and highly appreciated product in the gastronomic market.