We celebrate the Oceans Month! “Nadarín. Paint a story”

This month The Salinas del Carmen Museum,  celebrate the “Oceans Month” with a complete program of activities.

We have planned two storytelling with workshops with artistic experimentation aimed at family audiences, with the idea of combining art, fun in the museum and environmental education. In addition, throughout the month an action will be taken in social media and in the museum, to find among all the perfect name for the rorcual that presides over the Salinas del Carmen. But we’ll talk about that in the next post.

Why do we dedicate a month to the oceans?

Because on the 8th of June the Oceans Day was celebrated all over the world, with the intention of reminding citizens of the importance that the oceans have on our planet and to raise awareness of the consequences that human action has on them, proposing the necessary reflection on the sustainable management of our natural resources. And we wanted to join in the dissemination of this important message!

So, with these premises, and considering the museum as a cultural and educational agent of great relevance in society and its important mission in the transmission of knowledge but also values, the Museum of Salinas del Carmen, decided to launch this programming of activities that started last Saturday June 15 at 11:30 with the activity entitled “Nadarín. Painting a story »

And it was great! He had a lot of fun telling and painting a story as salty and as beautiful like Nadarín! The storyteller took us to dive in the ocean with the intrepid Nadarín and immerse ourselves in the world of art and printing in a fun workshop in which the whole family had a great time blowing and blowing to create bubbles of colors to paint a picture, or stamping a colorful potatoes in different ways, to create a marine mural sea, full of little fish in which all the characters of the Nadarín tale were appearing one by one. There was the rainbow jellyfish, the lobster with huge tweezers, the hungry tuna, the eel so long that it sometimes forgot that it had tail, the forest of algae that grew on caramel rocks, the anemones that looked like palm trees, and of course, they were Nadarin and his brothers and sisters.

Each one reinterpreted the seabed and its inhabitants in a completely free way, since our workshops seek above all to encourage the creativity of the participants. We only provide you with an inspiration, in this case the beautiful story of Nadarín, and some materials, some techniques, a space and a time … And from there comes magic!
Research, experimentation, creation, many spots of paint and many, many smiles were the main ingredients of a very fun and very salty morning at the Museum of Salinas del Carmen.

In addition to artistic creation and experimentation, the story of Nadarín taught us a lot of important  through the messages that the story was conveyed to us. Small and old, they quickly realized everything that this simple story hides. And it is that Nadarín speaks to us of the importance of teamwork and cooperation, telling us that together, we are stronger. But he also talks about diversity and respect, he talks about overcoming us and overcoming our fears, he talks about resilience, that no matter how bad things are, we can overcome them because the sea – life – is full of wonderful things.   Nadarín was happy again, despite having had a bad experience. Very important messages, hidden behind the story of a little fish that lived in a lost corner of the sea.

We created a huge mural, in which all the characters were appearing as the story progressed … You can not imagine the faces of our participants when the dazzling rainbow jellyfish entered the scene! Wow! How colorful!

It’s a pity that some of you have missed it! But do not worry because …

On Saturday June 29 at 11.30 am “The journey of Jurella and the micro-plastics” will take place!

A story, a journey, an important message to transmit to children and adults to keep marine animals safe and fight every day for clean oceans. A storyteller that ends with a fun workshop in which to invent marine worlds based on artistic recycling. A fun morning of stories, art and environmental education. What do you think? Do you sign up?

You just have to call us at 928 17 49 26, or write us an e-mail to esomaza@proasur.com or info@museosalinasdelcarmen.es