Are you spending your holidays in Fuerteventura? Are you looking for places to visit or activities to do? Are you looking for the best plan ever? Then you are at the right place. On this entry we would like to let you know all what our Salinas del Carmen Salt Museum has to offer you in February.

It is said that February is the month of love and we have prepared two special activities for you, one made by the love to nature and other one by the love to art and to the island. Would you like to take part in?

Salt worker for a day

Hapinness is supposed to consist of living unique experiences and in our Salt Museum we are going to make it easier for you.  With our experience “Salt worker for a day” you will be able to know the history and the operation of this hundred-years-old salt works thanks to our guides. They will also explain you why our foam salt is unique in the world and one of the best in quality.

At the end of the tour, you will have the opportunity to meet our salt workers, who will show you the warehouse and will let you know the secrets of their work, so that you will be able to become a salt worker for a day. You will learn step by step the traditional method of salt extraction, a handmade and 100 % sustainable system.

Every Wednesday and Friday at 11:30 am you can live this interesting experience and enjoy the Salinas del Carmen Salt Works in a unique way.

Coast cleaning

In the month of love, we would like to show you the love to Fuerteventura´s nature. That is why we have organized with Uniplanet and the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria under the coordination of Soy MaMut a positive footprint action consisting of cleaning one of the beaches near our salt works. After this activity, volunteers are invited to a guided tour through the Salinas del Carmen Salt Works, where we will also do a reflection activity about the importance of these actions and the responsibility of taking care of our planet.

It will take place on 15th February at 10 am. We will meet you at the entrance of the Salinas del Carmen Salt Museum.

You are all invited!

Art Exhibition Opening “From non-existent words to hidden words” 

Our Salinas del Carmen Museum has a very special corner. Our temporary exhibition room is a little open window to the art world showing works of art of local artists inspired by the magic of Fuerteventura.

Lina Velásquez brings us the art exhibition “from non-existent words to hidden words,” a pictorial, intriguing and sensitive exhibition inspired in the landscapes of Fuerteventura. In its volcanic origin, in the sea, in the desert, in its magical light, always from an intriguing point of view where abstraction is on first place and hidden words appear sometimes. The result show us a landscape concept going further than the landscapes of Fuerteventura, being intriguing inner landscapes.

The art exhibition opening is taking place on Saturday 22nd February at the exhibition room of the Salinas del Carmen Salt Museum. Entrance is free and the artist will be present.

If you cannot come on this date, do not worry. You will have time to visit it until the 30th of August. We also will do plenty of cultural activities having to do with this exhibition.

We will provide you with further information soon!

School visits

We are very happy because at this time of the year school groups start to visit us to learn and have fun at our Salt Museum. We are looking forward to welcome students of 5th and 6th grade from CEIP La Oliva School, who are taking part in the “Welcome salt worker” activity. It is a funny staged visit guided by a charming female salt worker. She will let them know about the history and the operation of the salt works. During this visit, students will also have time to think about the environment care and our responsibility to co-educate. They  also will be able to apply their maths knowledge to calculate the tons of salt that we produce per year, to talk about whales, to dance, to recite poetry, to sing an amusing opera and of course to laugh and have fun while learning.

The rest of students of this school will visit us on March. We are looking forward to welcome them!

We remind you that the Salinas del Carmen Salt Museum opens everyday from 9:30am – 17:30 pm and you can buy a combined ticket to visit the three more important museums of the island ( It is not for nothing that they are the three more visited museums of Fuerteventura!). They are the Museo del Queso Majorero (Majorero Cheese Museum), Centro de Interpretación Los Molinos (Windmill Museum) and of course the Museo de las Salinas del Carmen (Salinas del Carmen Salt Museum). Our three museums are located near each other and with this ticket; you do not have to visit all of them on the same day, as it is valid for one year. We do not know if you have a year time to enjoy our lovely island, but you can visit us anytime you want during your stay in the island. Combined tickets are available at any of our three museums and it is the cheapest option if you are planning to visit the three of them.

Having this ticket is the best way to know, live and savour the culture of Fuerteventura taking into account its three top products: Majorero cheese, gofio (roasted sweetcorn flour) and foam sea salt.

After visiting the Salt Museum we invite you to spend some minutes at our handicraft shop, where you will find plenty of local products an of course our most valued treasure: salt. Fine-grained foam sea salt totally natural and rich in oligoelements.

And last but not least we recommend you to go to the Salinas del Carmen restaurant to enjoy a great meal of top quality and flavour with beautiful views to the Salinas del Carmen Salt Works.

We are looking forward to welcome you!

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