Family art workshops at the Salinas del Carmen Museum

December is not only the month of Christmas … In the Salinas del Carmen it will also be a month with lots of art!

We propose for the month of December two workshops aimed at the family audience within its program of cultural activities “Art and a pinch of salt”. Both workshops are developed around the exhibition “De Nómadas Raíces” by the artist Greta Chicheri, which can be seen at the Salinas del Carmen Museum until January 19.

“Art and a pinch of salt” is the program of cultural revitalization that is carried out in the Salinas del Carmen Museum with the aim of bringing museums, art and culture to the inhabitants of Fuerteventura. That is why the proposed activities aim to combine learning and fun, offering a space for the enjoyment of young and old, always from a playful perspective.

For the month of December The Salinas del Carmen Museum, through “Art and a pinch of salt”, proposes two artistic creation workshops aimed at family audiences that will take place on Saturdays December 7 and 28.

On Saturday, December 7, at 11.30 a.m., the workshop “Legends of Africa. The origin of the colors ”, in which inspired by the exhibition“ De Nómadas Raíces” ”and by some African Legends that we can know as a storyteller, we will create colorful works of art with colors that we will manufacture ourselves. Coffee, turmeric, paprika, will be some of our ingredients for a morning in which we will have fun with art and artistic experimentation. Can you think of a better plan for this December bridge?

The second workshop will take place on Saturday, December 28 at 11.30 am and will be entitled “Joy and color to dress African women. Stamping workshop ”. Looking at Greta Chicheri’s paintings in the Museum’s exhibition hall, we will look at the colorful colors of the clothes of African women who work as farmers in the fields, and in the workshop we will have the opportunity to recreate them with a lot of color, geometry and joy . We will use stamping with different materials and a lot of colored wool to create our designs for the African woman. What if we also make a dress for ourselves? Without a doubt, this workshop is the perfect plan for one of those “no school” days of December

Artistic experimentation, color, joy, stories, legends, a continent to discover, textures, smells, creativity, fun … Come and discover as a family that a museum can be a place to learn and have fun!

The workshops are intended for families with children from 3 years. To participate it is necessary to register by calling 928 174 926, or writing an e-mail to info (at)

The price of participation in the workshops of an adult and a child is 5 euros. Two euros will be added for each extra participant in the activity.

The two proposed workshops revolve around the exhibition “De Nómadas Raíces” by Greta Chicheri, which currently houses the Salinas del Carmen Museum, which can be visited free of charge from Monday to Sunday from 09:30 to 17:30.

The exhibition, full of color, nature and vitality, shows us the work of African women in the cultivation fields against the backdrop of The Great Green Wall, a megaproject that aims to stop the advance of the Sahara with a green belt between the Atlantic and the Indian

All the works that make up the exhibition are for sale. 25% of the sales will go to the project that the NGO, Direct Africa has in Same (Tanzania), in which four hundred children with physical disabilities or differentiated abilities are cared for each year. (


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